Your Baby Can Hear at 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

Your Baby Can Hear at 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

What Are You Playing for Baby in the Womb?

Did you know that your baby begins to hear starting around the 20-week mark of pregnancy? The bustle of sounds all around them are being soaked up daily by their rapidly developing brain, even in the womb! What’s more interesting is that more brain connections are made in the first 1,000 days after they are born than the entire span of the rest of their lives. This is such a special time to connect and share with your little one!

We’ve discovered an exciting new education-based company, Nuryl, founded with the mission to provide a platform to help educate your little one in and before those crucial first 1,000 days. Nuryl is a subscription-based mobile app that delivers High Information Music™, music designed to stimulate your baby’s brain and boost cognition. Nuryl has integrated standards of infant learning identified from decades of research into a music curriculum for babies, ages 20 weeks prenatal to 2 years. 

Nuryl’s own High Information Music™ is made up of playlists comprising tonally rich music, with highly complex melodic and harmonic structures that move rapidly into unexpected places. It is this element of surprise that they say enhances your child’s learning, while simultaneously engaging multiple brain regions to enrich their neural network. To keep your baby on their toes (so to speak), the monthly subscription swaps in a new playlist each month, just as your baby starts to recognize pieces in the former playlist.

Visit to review their extensive research describing the principles and background of their music curriculum – and if you’re still not convinced – the Nuryl app also offers a free trial playlist for parents to sample the music.

Our BellyBuds speakers gently adhere to mom’s baby bump and play music and voice messages to the womb, making them an ideal complement to Nuryl. They allow for a safe and efficient way to deliver Nuryl’s High Information Music™ to baby in utero. Try the Nuryl app on-the-go or around the house; BellyBuds will stick with you through all your daily activities!  

Want to save on your Nuryl subscription? Enter code BELLYBUDS20 when checking out at online to recieve 20% OFF your yearly Nuryl subscription! 

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