Part Six: A Surefire Way To Help Baby Sleep More Soundly

Part Six: A Surefire Way To Help Baby Sleep More Soundly

Written by: Rachel Norman

I will never forget having guests over when my firstborn was 6 months old.

They were bragging how well I seemed to be doing as a mom. I had shared how well my daughter slept and how easy it all seemed to be at this point.

I should’ve known…

Pride cometh before the fall. As we were sitting in the living room chatting with our guests about life and their travels, my daughter would not sleep. She began crying loudly and I went to get her and help her calm down.

That’s when it hit me… normally she was with me in the house alone. It was basically silent in every way. So either I had to never ever have guests over when baby was going to be sleeping or I had to figure out a way to keep her room more soundproofed.

One easy habit to help baby sleep better is often overlooked.

Many moms bring babies home from the hospital and, for a while, babies just sleep anywhere. They’ll sleep at the table, in the car, or in the middle of the living room while the rest of the family plays a loud game of Monopoly.

At first it seems easy.

You think that baby can sleep under any conditions and don’t necessarily accommodate baby’s sleep. Then, one day, it catches up.

Baby stops napping randomly throughout the day. Babies’ naps are shorter. Baby seems to fight sleep and finds it hard to go down in a loud house. Phones ring. The mailman shows up at the door and knocks loud enough to wake the neighbors.

But there is a solution… white noise.

WavHello has a cute white noise machine that helps protect baby’s sleep. One of the best things you can do is to use white noise to help baby sleep better. Here are some of the benefits of white noise.

 ● It helps insulate noise so baby isn’t woken up by older siblings. Turn on the white noise so that phone calls or normal household noise doesn’t disturb baby.

● White noise creates a positive sleep association which means baby begins to associate this noise with sleep. As soon as baby hears this noise his or her body will begin to automatically wind down.

● You can bring WavHello’s white noise machine app with you anywhere. This means if baby is napping at someone else’s house you can still make sleep easy on baby.

White noise creates consistency

Since white noise will be consistent all throughout the sleep time, it prevents baby from waking up due to outside noises. Thunder, a toilet flushing, or a sibling waking from a nightmare - all these things can wake baby up and prevent him or her from getting a good night’s sleep.

White noise can help an overstimulated baby wind-down

There is a reason people use white noise for meditation… it helps calm the mind. Because there is background noise the mind does not try to fill the silence. Babies who have been stimulated by their activity or their loved ones playing with them will benefit from this time.

White noise is part of the wind-down routine

When it’s time for baby to go to bed, here’s how to incorporate white noise into the routine. You’ll turn on the white noise machine as soon as you take baby into his room. With the noise on in the background lightly, you’ll change baby’s diaper, put on a swaddle, then complete the other parts of the wind down routine like singing, rocking gently, or sitting upright with baby.

When you’re ready to put baby down to bed, turn the machine volume up so it’ll keep down outside noise.

White noise is good for babies and adults. In fact, right now, we have 5 kids under 6 years of age and they all use white noise to sleep. If one child wakes or calls out for mommy, no one else wakes up.

If you have a noisy home or baby has older siblings then white noise is a must. It’s simply a must have. SoundBub’s white noise machine works for naps and at night and will help baby sleep even if siblings wake up with nightmares or if the thunder starts rolling.

While you do want to accommodate baby’s sleep, you can’t make everyone in the house whisper for multiple hours a day. This is where white noise comes in. You use the SoundBub and sync it with the WavHello’s VoiceShare app which allows you to tell stories, play songs, or record family members’ voices. If baby likes the family hubbub but still needs some rest, you can have everyone sing a song for baby and play it as part of the wind-down and go to sleep routine.

That added level of personalization will help keep baby clam as they prepare to fall asleep and will prevent them from waking prematurely.

The SoundBub white noise machine is perfect for the nursery or when you’re on the go because it’s hide away hook can clip easily onto strollers, car seats, and even baby carriers.

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