10 Hilarious Photos of Baby Meeting Santa

10 Hilarious Photos of Baby Meeting Santa

Parents Share Their Hilarious Photos of Baby Meeting Santa for the First Time 

Making the trek to Santa's Village so that your littles can meet Mr. Claus is a time-honored Christmas tradition. The goal? That perfect photo featuring the kids with big smiles sitting on Santa's lap; all in the adorable Christmas outfits you wrestled them into and bribed them not to take off. Reality sets in as you approach the big man in red; a feeling many parents before you have experienced time and again. The pure joy, awe, and sometimes even terror that ensues is priceless. 

We asked our WavHello parents to submit their best #BabyMeetsSanta photos, and the response was overwhelming. Keep reading for our Top 10 picks! 

1. The Escape Artist - sometimes you just gotta get away...from Santa. 

2. The Vintage Smile - Mom dressed up baby in Dad's vintage Christmas outfit from '88, and we're in love! 

3. Pretty in Tears - That outfit may have taken all morning to put on, but even that couldn't save this picture.

4. The Mean Mug - This baby powered through his meeting with Santa because...you can never let him see you cry. 

5. Before & After Santa- she was so excited to sit on Santa's lap, until she saw him in person. 

6. Two of a Kind - Country singer and mom Jessie James Decker found out that Santa can get some mixed reviews from siblings. 

7. Don't Wake Me Up - naps are important; even more important than meeting Santa himself. 

8. Pure Excitement - This little guy's smile says it all: meeting Santa was all he hoped for and more. 

9. The Santa Shush - Our Facebook winner discovered that Mr. Claus is not so helpful in this situation.  

10. Photogenic Santa: When this Santa strikes a pose, it makes your holiday photos that much better. This photo was our winner on Instagram! 

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