8 Ways to Connect with Baby in Utero Using VoiceShare

8 Ways to Connect with Baby in Utero Using VoiceShare

How to Bond with Your Baby in the Womb using VoiceShare 

Do you ever feel that technology is slowly taking over your life? We can reach almost anyone in world with the click of a button, but is the ability to connect through technology pulling us apart from real connection with those immediately around us? 

WavHello®, the smart technology company that brought you BellyBuds® baby bump sound system, believes in the good in people and technology, and seeks to reverse this trend by making products that empower families to bond with one another.

VoiceShare®, a brand new mobile app launched by WavHello, allows anyone (from your grandma in Ohio to your sister in Paris) to record special messages that you can play straight to your baby bump through your BellyBuds speakers. Of course, any music in your library can be played as well.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are 8 ways you can use VoiceShare to connect baby with the big world around them before they are born.

1. Pick your favorite childhood book to record for baby

Whether it’s Green Eggs & Ham or If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, reading to baby will introduce them to a special part of yourself, even before they are born. Moreover, they will be able to hear your voice in the grocery store, office, or anywhere you want to go.

2. Talk to baby while you are away

Nearly half (46 percent) of all two-parent families with children have both parents working full time outside the home. Chances are you or your spouse will have to be separated from your developing little one for work. Whether you go on a business trip, world tour or championship game, make sure they never miss you. Make it fun; record a new message for mom to play every day that you are gone. 

3. Have your surrogate play your voice for baby

Having a baby through surrogacy doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on bonding with your little one in utero. VoiceShare can help intended parents connect with their little one by allowing them to record special messages for baby that will help their little mister or miss recognize their voice after they are born.

4. Get baby acquainted with family living far away

Living apart from family is hard, especially when you have a little one on the way. Shrink the distance between your baby and your loved ones. Have them record a song, encouragement, joke or lullaby for baby. Use the headphone splitter to listen in; the result will be a virtual family reunion that you both can share.

5. Tell your little one you love them while you are deployed

If you are serving in the military, you may be facing a long time away from your family. To make it just a little bit easier, make a series of playlists and messages for your little one for mom to play while you are away.

6. Foster baby’s love for music in utero

It’s the dream of every musician or avid music lover to bare an equally musical child. This may not be totally out of your control; the experts at Journal Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience published an article arguing that the music babies are exposed to in the womb may set the trajectory for the development of their musical mind. So go all in, create a playlist that means something to you and share it with baby.  
7. Get Dad involved with the pregnancy

Okay Dads. It’s no secret that pregnancy is not the same for you and mom. If you are looking for a practical way to get in on this experience, then VoiceShare is your answer. Play special messages for baby while you are away, even use the BellyBuds headphone splitter to jam out with baby.
8. Create a time capsule for baby

VoiceShare can be a great way to store messages and playlists for your baby to enjoy later in life. Start storing them up now, who knows how many meaningful moments you will gather for this time capsule. Gift this playlist for a life milestone; a graduation, first date or even their wedding.
To learn more about how to use download and use VoiceShare, visit www.wavhello.com/voiceshare.




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