Mommies Angels Reviews BellyBuds

Mommies Angels Reviews BellyBuds

Mommies Angels Mom Blog Reviews BellyBuds 

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Do you know a pregnant lady or are you one? If so I got a great new invention to share with you. It's called BellyBuds and it is amazing and I wish I had it when I was pregnant! BellyBuds are specialized speakers that gently adhere to the belly and safely play music and sounds directly to the womb. Did you know a baby's hearing is fully developed in utero at about 20 weeks? It is true! I think this is amazing because when I was pregnant with my kids my babies would get so active when I was talking to them or singing. I knew they could hear me and I knew they loved it. Even when my husband would talk to my belly I could feel them move closer towards him to listen. It was so fun!

But what is so good about BellyBuds is it gets the music and voices to baby safely and easier then trying to sing to your belly lol. I am also a strong believer that when the baby is born that what ever music or sounds you did while pregnant seems to calm them. I used to sing Mockingbird when I was pregnant with my son and whenever he was fussy after birth I would sing it and he would immediately calm down to listen. It was a calming familiar sound to him and it worked wonders. From that on with all my pregnancies I sung a special song to my baby in my belly and it worked them same every time. Now I just wished I had BellyBuds it would of made singing to them so much easier plus studies have proven that playing classical music to baby in utero calms them and seems to help them learn better when they get older. Trust me what does it hurt to try right? BellyBuds come with one set of speakers that attach to your belly with or without adhesive. It comes with 4 pairs of adhesive. it comes with 1 audio splitter so you and baby can listen at the same time to the music. It also comes with a handy storage pouch to hold everything. This would be a great gift for a baby shower or Christmas so get yours today!

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