New Name, Same Mission. BellyBuds Becomes WavHello in 2016!

New Name, Same Mission. BellyBuds Becomes WavHello in 2016!

BellyBuds Relaunches Under New Name WavHello

It all started with a dad-to-be wanting to bond with his little one. Curtis Williams, co-owner of WavHello®, started a journey to find a unique way to connect with his baby in utero during his wife’s pregnancy with their first child, Adeline.

“We had read that playing prenatal music to the womb was beneficial- so right around the 5th month, my wife began placing her iPod earbuds on her belly. The only problem was that in order to do that, she had to lie on her back and couldn’t move – which is a lot to ask of my multi-tasking wife. It seemed like there was a possibility of something more convenient” explained Curtis.

With the help of friend and co-founder Matt von Waaden, what originally started out as a one-of a-kind project for his wife soon became BellyBuds®, WavHello’s first product.

Since then, BellyBuds has grown into a family-first technology company creating an entirely new category of products. In fact, the company has big plans for 2016, and the creators couldn’t be more proud!  

 “We are grateful for the support we have received from our customers over the years. We are excited to announce that in 2016, BellyBuds will relaunch under our new parent company WavHello! Under the WavHello brand we will be releasing several new products and services in 2016 that will continue our mission of empowering families to connect, share and thrive.

- Curt and Matt, Owners

The new products include the company’s Bluetooth enabled music player and infant soother SoundBub®, as well as VoiceShare®, a free mobile app compatible with both BellyBuds and SoundBub that allows parents and loved ones to record and share messages for baby, as well as create customized playlists.

Curtis and Matt formed WavHello with good causes in mind. “By nurturing your family with our products you’re helping another family, too” they explain. WavHello strives to give back by donating a percentage of sales to nonprofits Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), Little Ripples and Healthy Child Happy World (HCHW) in order to support the good the work that they do.

WavHello also strives to reclaim and recycle as many of their products as possible with their 2ndWav program. When you send your WavHello products back, they are given to a family in need through GenerationHer and Baby2Baby.

Check out our new look and learn more about our products at

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