11 Essential Baby Gear Brands from the ABC Kids Expo 2016

11 Essential Baby Gear Brands from the ABC Kids Expo 2016

Our Top 11 Baby Gear Brands from the ABC Kids Expo that You Should Add to Your Holiday Shopping List

It was a whirlwind of a week as WavHello packed up and attended the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas! Ollie the Owl, one of our adorable SoundBub Bluetooth speaker/ soother characters, used this opportunity to go on a grand adventure to seek out the best products and brands the show had to offer. Since ABC Kids Show is not open to consumers, we thought we would bring you Ollie’s top picks to to add to your holiday gift list! Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes look at the products he found.


SoundBub with Nuna

This stylish car seat and stroller brand started out in Holland, and we couldn’t be happier that they are selling in the states. The car seat pictured above is from their Jett collection, also available in a berry color that their staff has deemed as “the new black.”

Shop their stroller and car seat designs HERE

3 Sprouts

SoundBub with 3 Sprouts


The masters of all things storage, we loved checking out all of their adorable animal characters from kid’s room organizers, laundry hampers and even hooded towels.

Check out their cute collection HERE


SoundBub and Tula baby carriers

This baby carrier and SoundBub are a match made in heaven! Who could not love these adorable designs (the one pictured here is Mermaid)! Their line features carriers, ring slings and blankets, perfect for families on-the-go.

Click HERE to shop now. 


SoundBub and Bamboobies

Their neon sign was everything! We are in love with this company started by a mom on a mission to bring soft and practical nursing products to women everywhere! Check out their new and sporty Nursing Brahh!, perfect for your next workout, Target run or even just relaxing at home.

Shop all things Bamboobies HERE


SoundBub with Owlet

We saw a familiar face while walking the show, can you see the resemblance? Owlet is a tech savvy parents dream; a heart rate and oxygen monitor designed to alert parents if baby's vital signs differ from what's normal.

You can get Owlet (and some peace of mind) HERE

Finn and Emma 

SoundBub with Finn and Emma play gym

We were so enamored with the modern and sleek designs by Finn and Emma. The 100% wood frames on their play gyms come in 2 adjustable heights. Not to mention their adorable hand-knit characters- our favorite was the Viking pictured here.

All their designs can be purchased HERE


SoundBub and Oeuf crib

Their modern crib and toddler bed designs are to die for! Founded by a husband and wife team, this company provides modern parents with high-quality, streamlined pieces that are sustainably sourced and responsibly created. Check out their accessories, so cute!

Click HERE to shop.  

Tote Savvy

SoundBub and Tote Savvy

We were pleased to find that Ollie fits perfectly inside this trusty bag organizer by Life in Play Company. Slip this ToteSavvy organizer in any purse (they even have different sizes!) to make it an organized diaper bag to keep your sanity.

You can find all their ToteSavvy organizers HERE

Sophie la girafe

SoundBub and Sophie la girafe

When we visited this booth, it was clear that French-made Sophie la girafe and Ollie the Owl would be instant friends. Sophie (who is over 50 years old!) is one of the world’s most iconic teethers, perfect for little hands to grab and chew. Pack both items into your travel bag to make your little one feel at home wherever you go!

Sophie can be purchased HERE.


SoundBub and Lollaland play mat

It's like this play mat was made for Ollie! We loved this double-sided play mat from our friends at Lollaland, perfect for tummy time or even as a large exercise mat for mom!

Shop all their products HERE

Doddle & Co.

SoundBub and Pop pacifier by Doddle and Co

No more fuzzy nipples! That's the motto of our friends at Doddle & Co. who invented the innovative Pop pacifier that retreats inside of itself when baby drops it, protecting it from getting dirty on the floor!

Pre-order yours HERE

To learn more about our curious little SoundBub Bluetooth speaker and soother, visit wavhello.com/soundbub.

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