Country Star Jessie James Decker is Our Celebrity Advocate!

Country Star Jessie James Decker is Our Celebrity Advocate!

Country Singer and Mom Jessie James Decker is WavHello's First Celebrity Advocate

The secret is out! We’ve been hinting at the identity of our new celebrity advocate, and we are excited to make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (drumroll please). We are proud to introduce country singer and entrepreneur of hot style collections Kora Rae and Kittenish, Jessie James Decker, as our official celebrity advocate! She’s fun, fabulous, and perfectly embodies WavHello.

Jessie has agreed to share her personal experiences using BellyBuds®, SoundBub® and VoiceShare® with the world! We’re so inspired by her ability to connect with her fans, and it turns out she was also inspired by the powerful connection she created with her kids when using BellyBuds during both of her pregnancies. Not only was Jessie able to share her passion for music with her little ones before they were born, she also used VoiceShare as a way to connect her loved ones to her children.

“Nothing is more important to Jessie than family. That’s something that we can all agree on, and it’s just one of the reasons we can’t wait to hear more from this dynamic mom”

- Matt and Curt, Owners

Get to know Jessie by following her on social media:

Instagram: @JessieJamesDecker

Facebook: @JessieJamesDecker

Twitter: @JessieJDecker

And don’t forget to follow @WavHello on social media for fun videos featuring Jessie in 2016!


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