5 Creative Ways to Love on Your Family for Valentines Day

5 Creative Ways to Love on Your Family for Valentines Day

5 Creative Valentine's Day Ideas for the Whole Family 

Valentines Day is fast approaching, and you may be searching for family-friendly ideas that are as fun as they are easy to implement. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. At WavHello, our mission is to help families find new ways to connect and make memories together. That’s why we've pulled together this list of creative ways to love on your family this Valentine's Day, perfect for your entire tribe to get involved! 

Plan a Family Date Day:

Spend the holiday of love with the people that are most important to you! Turn off the electronics and head out for a day of making memories. It can be anything: get into your kid’s world and have them teach everyone their favorite game, enjoy a family picnic in the park, or create a Valentines scavenger hunt for the kids to follow. We love this printable set of clues from Adventures in Wonderland:

Gather Love Messages for Baby-to-Be
Did you know that babies develop the ability to hear around 20 weeks in the womb?! Get your newest addition involved with the Valentine's Day fun by recording a stockpile of love messages for baby. Tell them all the reasons you love them and why you can’t wait for their arrival using the VoiceShare® by WavHello mobile app. Get family and friends involved; anyone, anywhere can record messages for baby. Play your love notes straight to the womb using BellyBuds® specialized baby bump speakers.

Spam Your Family… with Love Notes.
The best thing about Post-it notes is that they can fit almost anywhere. Write as many love notes as you can think of and stick them in unexpected places: your significant other’s laptop, your kid’s lunchboxes, or even the bathroom mirror! Take a look at this idea for some inspiration from The House of Hendrix:

Get in the Kitchen Together
Valentine's Day is all about sweet treats, after all. Having your little ones help out on a dessert is no small task (or a clean one!), so we suggest picking a project that is simple and yummy! We love these candy dipped pretzels from 5 Minutes for Mom:

Fill a Jar with Reasons You Love Them
We know you will never run out of reasons you love your family, why not remind them every day. By writing your messages down and putting them in a cute mason jar, your loved ones can pull out a message each day! Learn how from this guide from Imperfect Homemaking


What Valentine's Day adventures do you have planned for your family?

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