Top 10 Valentine’s Day Baby & Toddler Photo Ideas!

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Baby & Toddler Photo Ideas!

Valentine's Day photo shoot ideas for babies and toddlers inspired by Pinterest

LOVE is in the air this February as we are gearing up for Valentine’s Day! At WavHello we believe that it’s the little moments we spend connecting with one another that make a big difference, and what better way to bond with your family than to stage a photo shoot for the kids!

We have pulled our Top 10 Baby & Toddler Photo Ideas for Valentine’s Day to get you started! Whether you are a DIY guru, new mama, or just want to pull something simple together, we’ve got you covered.

1. Kiss the Cook: Gather some baking utensils, a fun chalkboard and Valentine’s party decorations to recreate this Sweet Shop scene! Photo: Tiffany Sweet Photography

2. Valentine Joy Ride: Balloons and a sweet chalkboard sign are easy accessories to add to an activity that your little one already enjoys – Riding their bike! Photo: Found on Confessions of a Prop Junkie

3. Baby Cupid: By far the easiest shoot idea to create, all you need is some wings and an adorable headband…and your little one of course! Photo: Heart Love Photography

4. Drunk in Love: We love these onesies for a Valentine’s Day twin photo. If your baby is too young to smile or wave, that’s ok! It adds to the humor of the photo, just add your own caption! Photo: Twinzzshop on Etsy

5. Basket Perfection: Spell out LOVE using a cozy basket and rustic wooden backdrop! Photo: Mybackdropshop on Etsy

6. Kissing Booth: Who could resist this cutie? It may take time to construct this wooden booth and decorate, but the final result is priceless! Photo: Addie Marie Photography

7. Mommy’s Perfect Date: Glasses?  Check. Bow Tie?  Check. Your little mister is ready for his close up. Photo: Pretty Little Baby

8. Blowing Kisses: Playing around with different backgrounds is a great way to spice up your photo! These heart stickers placed on the wall are an easy means to a fun photo! Photo:

9. Kiss Overload: This photo speaks for itself, too cute! Easy and simple, and you get to get your fix for baby kisses at the same time. It’s a win-win. Photo: Found on Baby Names Log



10. Sibling Photo Collage: Use a photo series to send a sweet message to family and friends! Get all your kids involved, the more the merrier! Photo: Found on

If you are looking for more Valentines Day ideas beyond a photoshoot, checkout our list of  5 Creative Ways to Love on Your Family for Valentines Day! For more family friendly tips and tricks, follow @WavHello on social media to stay connected!




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