BellyBuds for My Bub

BellyBuds for My Bub

Style Blogger Boo Sracic reviews BellyBuds baby bump speakers! 

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CROP TOP: Forever 21 (in store only, similar HERE + love THIS) | SKIRT:ASOS (also love THIS + THIS) |BELLYBUDS: Bellybuds by WavHello

Loving these Bellybuds by WavHello as my little princess is baking and moves around tons. She especially goes crazy when I use this and put on music. She’s probably quite the little dancer like her sisters are since she seems to be rockin’ and rollin’ in there all the time when I put these Belly Buds on! I love that part of the proceeds when purchasing this product goes to Children’s Hospital too. These are easy to use, you can wear them under your clothes, it is lightweight and you don’t need any crazy straps for it. Don’t they have studies about playing classical music to stimulate the brain for little baby geniuses?! Whatever it is, we will at least give it a try! 

I thought since my husband travels sometimes and close family aren’t so close and are all out of state, it would be a wonderful way to bond with our little angel in the womb. There’s an easy to use app called VoiceShare-WavHello that is lovely and user friendly. I know I have a lot of friends in the military and their husbands are often deployed for long periods of time and this would be such a wonderful way for them to still bond.

It is almost Friday so I am getting excited for tomorrow for a little date night while the littles stay in with grandma.  I have no idea where we are going yet or what I am craving as it can change but I may be up for some seafood or New England Clam Chowder as it is only appropriate that we live here!

Hope you are all having a lovely week. Thanks for reading and stopping by!


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