Finding Connection Across the Sea

Finding Connection Across the Sea

Aimee and Jonathan use BellyBuds® to connect with baby-to-be while living in two separate countries. 

It all started with an international love affair. Aimee, from England, and her husband Jonathan, from California, met almost 3 years ago on a beach in Perth, Australia. After travelling the country together, they spent a year in a long-distance relationship as she completed her teaching degree in England and he pursued his baseball coaching career in Singapore before heading back to Long Beach, CA. On September 2, 2015, she set off on a one-way flight to California to spend 90 days (the maximum length of her visa!) with her love. Five weeks later the happy couple found out that Aimee was pregnant!

Then came the complications of being pregnant in a foreign country. Aimee, approaching week seven, battled horrendous morning (more like 24/7!) sickness and sheer exhaustion! Not to mention feeling homesick and missing her mum. She couldn't get any medical care in the U.S. and paid almost $300 for a scan, only to be told she had potentially had an early miscarriage. She later found out that baby was just too small to be seen at a private scan later set up by the couple. When Aimee saw baby-to-be for the first time, she cried happy tears!

With the end of her visa getting closer each day, Jonathan asked Aimee for her hand in marriage early one morning, and by that afternoon they were married in Beverly Hills. It was just the three of them; Aimee, Jonathan and 13-week-old baby-to-be! Unfortunately, the day after Aimee had to fly back to England. The couple has been apart since!

After watching an episode of Modern Family where BellyBuds® made a special guest appearance, Jonathan decided to order a pair for Aimee and their little one!  He wanted to be able to talk to baby and also choose specialized playlists to play for his child! Jonathan is a big music lover and wants his little one to have a love for music, so most mornings (due to the 8-hour time difference) Aimee wakes up to a message from Jonathan with a link to a song he wants her to play for their bundle of joy.

“Going off the crazy kicks, baby loves music and also loves the sound of Daddy’s voice!! Mummy, Daddy and baby now have regular 3-way conversations and it really makes us feel connected” says Aimee.

At WavHello, we are on a mission to help families find new ways to connect. We are honored that Aimee and Jonathan were able to use BellyBuds® to make the distance between countries just a little bit smaller.

VoiceShare® by WavHello is a free mobile app that allows you or anyone you love to record messages, sing songs, or even read books for a baby or baby-to-be. Compatible with both BellyBuds® baby bump sound system or SoundBub™ Bluetooth music player and infant soother (Coming Spring 2016!), you can play this special content for baby before or after they are born.

Do you have a story about how BellyBuds and/or VoiceShare impacted your pregnancy? Share it with us by going to! Your story could be featured to inspire our WavHello community.


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