Jessie James Decker Uses BellyBuds to Play Music to Baby-to-be

Jessie James Decker Uses BellyBuds to Play Music to Baby-to-be

Country music singer Jessie James Decker uses BellyBuds® baby bump music player to bond with her son in the womb!

If you follow country singer and entrepreneur Jessie James Decker, you know that she is fabulous both on and off stage. Currently traveling the country on her Lights Down Low tour, Jessie has her hands full as a performer, creator of clothing line Kittenish for Kora Rae and mother of two. We had the privilege of taking a sneak peek into Jessie’s personal life as a mom as she tells us why she loves BellyBuds® by WavHello, and how she used the baby bump music player while pregnant with her son, Eric Jr.

Jessie and hubby Eric Decker, wide receiver for the New York Jets, needed to find a way for him to be involved with the pregnancy while away for part of the year at training camp.

“He wanted to feel like he could connect with the baby even when he wasn’t around” Jessie explained.

BellyBuds provided the perfect solution. While she was pregnant, Eric was able to record special messages for Jessie to play for baby-to-be on WavHello’s VoiceShare® platform, now free mobile app, while he was away. Their older daughter, Vivianne, was even able to join in the fun and participate in recordings for her soon-to-be brother. With music being so important to Jessie, the family also created playlists of favorite songs for Eric Jr. All of this special content was then played directly to the womb with BellyBuds speakers. 

“I feel like this is such a great way to keep your family connected and have the baby be able to hear other people’s voices” says Jessie. “It was just really special for us.”

BellyBuds are special headphones for a pregnant belly, gently adhering to mom’s tummy and safely playing music and messages to the womb. Click here to learn more about BellyBuds® and stay tuned for more updates from Jessie in 2016!


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