The Best Baby Registry Checklist

The Best Baby Registry Checklist

The Must-have Items for Your New Baby Checklist to Build Your Registry

Any first-time parent knows the struggle. After skimming countless blogs, asking friends and wandering through aisle after aisle of the Target baby section, you feel no closer to finding out what items your baby actually NEEDS. And because many recommendations come underlined with a little bit of judgment and a whole lot of parenting advice; many moms and dads start assembling their baby registry list feeling overwhelmed.

You’re not alone! To get you started, we have assembled this newborn checklist filled with all the basic items that you will need for your little one! Reference the graphic below (even print and bring it to the store with you!) when building your registry to make sure that you have all your bases covered before baby comes.

And don’t forget to pamper mom-to-be in the process; not every item you register for has to 100% practical! Let people buy items that you wouldn’t buy for yourself, like a spa gift card or even BellyBuds baby bump speakers to share music and messages with baby during pregnancy! After your newest addition has arrived, all of the focus will be on them (as it should be), so make sure that you remember to register for items now that will help mom with this big change!

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