Top 5 Best Baby Registries

Top 5 Best Baby Registries

Decide where to register for baby- the pros and cons of the Top 5 Baby Registries

Expecting Parents, beware! If this is your first time with a bun in the oven, you will quickly learn that building your baby registry can be a source of major headaches. Where do I register for baby? What items does baby actually NEED? What items can we wait to buy? The list of questions quickly builds up.

While we’ve tackled the last two questions in our previous blog highlighting an essential baby registry checklist containing all basic items to buy before baby comes, we would like to focus on helping you find a baby registry that is perfect for you!

We compared and analyzed the best baby registries out there to bring you the pros and cons of each. While building our Top 5 list, we found that not all registries are created equal. You be the judge: did your experience match our list below? Tag @wavhello in a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to let us know what we are missing!


If you do most of your shopping online, look no further than Amazon. Not only does Amazon have arguably one of the largest selections of products on planet Earth, their prices are most often the cheapest. Not to mention that free 2-day shipping for Prime members. But what if you find an item that is somehow not available on Amazon? No worries. Amazon uses what’s called a universal registry, which means that you can add any item from any website to your list no problem. As an added perk, parents-to-be get 10% off all items not purchased (15% if you register with Amazon Family).

The only downside (and a minor one at that) is that it’s not as easy for gift givers to go in store and actually touch and see the products before purchasing. Amazon does allow shoppers to print registries so they can find items in store, but they will have to go back to the Amazon registry to mark the item as purchased. For some of your more traditional family members, this may be too tech savvy to pull off.

Click here to get started with Amazon Baby Registry


With thousands of stores nationwide, your loved ones most likely have a Target conveniently located close-by. Target has a great selection on all things baby, with great prices on their Up & Up label. Like Amazon, Target Registry can be an all-in-one list; many parents-to-be appreciate not having to set up more than one registry. Target also offers 15% off all items left on your list. Not to mention their Welcome Kit you can pick up at the nearest location with $50 worth of coupons and handpicked samples…yes please!

Although Target does have a leg-up on Amazon in that loved ones can shop either online or in-store (a plus when picking up a last minute gift on the way to your shower), their selection varies so much from store to store that it can be frustrating to find the items on your list. That’s why many suggest setting up your Target Registry online to gain access to a wider selection of items.

To set up your Target Baby Registry, click HERE

Buy Buy Baby

This comprehensive baby store is owned by Bed, Bath & Beyond, so you know that those notorious 20% discount coupons you receive in the mail will definitely come in handy here for some big savings. In line with the registries mentioned above, Buy Buy Baby also offers 10% off all the items on your registry that were not purchased, but you won’t receive those coupons until after your due date. Many moms also reported that they have AMAZING customer service and a slightly larger selection than Babies R Us, so this registry is definitely worth looking into.

The downside? Buy Buy Baby doesn’t have nearly as many store locations as Target, so finding one that’s close may be a bit of a challenge. They also don’t have near the selection of Amazon, with prices that tend to be more expensive overall.

Click here to register at Buy Buy Baby

Babies R Us

Babies R Us is likely the most well-known baby retail store. Many parents love registering at this store because it’s a one-stop shop: you can find anything from big-ticket items for nursery to small items such as swaddling blankets. They do offer a 10% discount for anything you did not receive on your registry, to be used online or in-store. In addition to their completion discount, parents can also enjoy 5-10% back on items purchased. It has been reported that the biggest perk is their generous return policy which allows for returns up to 1 year after purchase; much longer than any other registry.

While Babies R Us may not have the selection that Amazon has and higher prices overall, they do offer price match (in-store only) on the items they do carry.

Set up your Babies R Us registry HERE

Baby List

While this registry does not make every Top 5 list, we included it because of the convenience of their universal registry that is accessible from desktop and mobile devices. Remember that universal registries allow parents-to-be to register for any item found on the web. You can even ‘register’ for items that are not store bought, like home cooked meals from friends and family.

As with Amazon, this registry may frustrate those traditional gift-givers who like to shop in-store. Baby List does, however, allow shoppers to “reserve” items on your list and purchase at a store location, but if they do not actually purchase you may end up without that item. They also do not offer a completion discount, so you won’t be receiving any coupons from Baby List for the items left on your registry.

Get started with Baby List

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