Turn Baby Turn | Playing Music to Flip a Breech Baby

Turn Baby Turn | Playing Music to Flip a Breech Baby

Mom uses BellyBuds baby bump speakers to turn her breech baby

Giving birth is on the mind of every mom-to-be from the moment she learns that she is pregnant. Lamaze class? Check. What to Expect When Expecting? Read. Delivery bag? Packed and ready to go. But what about the things you can’t control or prepare for? As the big day draws nearer, many moms face the reality that they may not be able to have the birth experience that they originally envisioned.

The same was true for Jennifer, whose baby Ben remained breech at 35 weeks and beyond. What is a breech baby, you ask? Breech babies are positioned with their heads above their feet or bottom in the womb. Many babies are breech at times throughout pregnancy, but if they remain breech past weeks 36-37, most doctors will opt out of natural delivery.   

Though it wasn’t her original plan, Jennifer and her husband scheduled a C-section to have their baby boy. She did not give up on trying to turn him naturally before the big day, however. She heard of these special little speakers called BellyBuds™ by WavHello™ that gently stick to mom’s belly and safely play music to baby, and decided to give them a try. Many moms claim that playing music low on their abdomen to encourage baby to “follow the sound” and flip was an effective way to turn a breech baby. 

Jennifer recalls that there were a lot of large movements during week 38, but she thought she felt his head stuck in her rib. Right before being wheeled off for surgery, however, a last minute ultrasound showed the baby had actually turned! This only happens to a small amount of people so late in pregnancy, so they were thrilled!

“I feel baby Ben takes after his mama. He needs a tune to get him moving. I played him motivational, upbeat music to get him to turn” says Jennifer.  

But her use of BellyBuds didn’t start at week 38. Jennifer was also able to share her favorite tunes with her little one to bond with him while dealing with the stresses of pregnancy.

“Around week 20 I started getting sciatic nerve pains, and I had to stop working out for the remainder of my pregnancy. BellyBuds helped me bond with baby instead of feeling down about being limited in my activities” Jennifer explains. 

She also used BellyBuds to share her older son's voice with baby.

“I feel BellyBuds helped my sons connect. It seems silly, but James, my oldest, would giggle and lightly poke my belly. The baby would then kick back in the same place. They connected as soon as they met each other outside of the womb.”

We are honored that Jennifer was able to use BellyBuds to introduce her bundle of joy to her family while in the womb, and are ecstatic that BellyBuds helped turn her breech baby!

We are on a mission to help families find new ways to connect. Our free VoiceShare by WavHello mobile app allows anyone you love to record messages, sing songs or even read books for a baby or baby-to-be. Compatible with both BellyBuds baby bump speakers or SoundBub Bluetooth music player and infant soother (Coming Summer 2016!), you can play this special content for baby before or after they are born.

Do you have a story about how BellyBuds and/or VoiceShare impacted your pregnancy? Share it with us by going to www.wavhello.com/stories! Your story could also be featured to inspire our WavHello community.

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