Pregnancy Halloween Costumes for Every Spooky Mama

Pregnancy Halloween Costumes for Every Spooky Mama

How To Use Your Baby Bump For Halloween This Year

Yes, you’re pregnant; and yes, it's almost Halloween, but that does NOT mean you have to go parading about your upcoming neighborhood and office parties as a “Bun in the Oven” or any of the other overdone variety of pregnancy Halloween costumes. This is your year to shine (no, not as a disco ball) as something out of the box that truly screams YOU. We’ve broken our favorite pregnancy Halloween costume ideas into categories to help you narrow down your hallo-needs.

Go with a classic:

1. Pillsbury Dough Boy

What you'll need: White sweatpants, a white long-sleeve crew neck, white chef's hat, 2 blue oven mitts, and a printout of the Pillsbury logo.

2. Thing 1 and Thing 2

What you'll need: A red dress or t-shirt, a blue wig or temporary hair color spray, and 2 white paper cutouts that say "Thing 1" and "Thing 2".

3. Winnie the Pooh

What you'll need: Yellow dress, a red short-sleeved crop top, and these Printable Pooh, Piglet, & Tigger ears.

4. Gus-Gus (a.k.a. the mouse from Cinderella)

What you'll need: A brown dress or tank top, a green crop top, a green beanie, and mouse ears.

For the movie buff:

5. Death Star

What you'll need: A plain black t-shirt, iron-on paper, this awesome Death Star iron-on.

6. BB8

What you'll need: A plain all black or all white outfit, iron-on paper, this BB8 iron-on from etsy, and a white styrofoam ball. 

7. Harry Potter's Golden Snitch

What you'll need: A black shirt, black pants, gold fabric paint, and a pair of costume wings cut in half. 

8. Wilson from Cast Away

What you'll need: A plain white shirt, red paint, and a Wilson athletic headband. 

9. Juno + Paulie Bleaker

What you'll need: A red or orange striped shirt, a dark hoodie, a grey pleated skirt, and a pair of jeans. 

For the pop-culture enthusiast:

10. Pregnant Beyoncé # 1

What you'll need: A white button-down shirt, a pair of black pants, a purple sequined blazer, and a microphone. 

11. Pregnant Beyoncé #2

What you'll need: A dark burgundy bra (or crop top if that makes you more comfortable), a pair of blue shorts, a mint green veil, and a flower crown. 

12. The Mother of Dragons 

What you'll need: A taupe maxi dress, a long blonde wig, and a small dragon stuffed animal OR you can opt to paint the three-headed dragon Targaryen sigil on your belly. 

13. Kim K's 2013 Met Gala Look

What you'll need: a floral maternity dress like this one, large black sunglasses (a la most Kim K looks), and a slicked-back middle part hairdo. 

Straight forward:

14. Gum-ball Machine

What you'll need: A white shirt, a read skirt, a red beret, a piece of grey felt, and a bag of colorful pom poms from the craft store. 

15. Cow (complete with udders)

What you'll need: All black or all white outfit, DIY patches the opposite color of your outfit (either black or white), pink fabric paint, and 6 white chess pieces or bottle nipples.

16. “Miss Conception” 

What you'll need: An old prom dress, a tiara, and a white pageant sash. 

17. Avocado 

What you'll need: A brown dress and a DIY cutout of an avocado.

18. Any of the smiley face emojis

What you'll need: All of your favorite comfy black clothing and DIY cutout of your favorite emoji. 

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