6 Tips for Dad-to-be: How to Stay Involved During Pregnancy

6 Tips for Dad-to-be: How to Stay Involved During Pregnancy

6 Tips for New Fathers: How to Stay Involved During Pregnancy

With Father’s Day fast approaching, WavHello is taking the entire month of June to celebrate someone who’s often forgotten during pregnancy…Dad! Pregnancy is a very intimate time between mama-to-be and the baby in her womb, which may make dad feel a little left out of those bonding moments. New dads: While you may not be able to fully understand the minute by minute experience of carrying a baby to term, there are a few things you can do to be present and support your partner before baby comes. See our father's pregnancy guide below for tips on how to stay involved while waiting for your bun in the oven.

1.Make time to attend doctor’s appointments.

    Two visits in particular are especially worthwhile: the very first appointment and the prenatal ultrasound exam. Being by her side will help reinforce your support and will also help you understand what’s going on.

    2. Decorate the nursery together.

      Get involved in picking the wallpaper, curtains, crib and sheets with mom-to-be! You can also create a  baby registry with her and suggest different products that you think will help you both when the baby comes. If you have no idea where to start, click here for suggestions on items every parent needs after baby is born.

      3.Get a couple’s massage together.

      Learn tools on how to massage her body in ways that help her feel positive about all of the changes happening to it. You may just even pick up some techniques that will help soothe her during delivery. 

      4. Make a pregnancy scrapbook.

        Take photos of your travels, daily doings, and fun memories prior to baby’s arrival and put it all in a special scrapbook for your little one. Share this with your little boy or girl on a milestone birthday.

        5.Make a special voice recording.

        Record yourself reading a story, singing a lullaby or having a conversation with mom on the VoiceShare mobile app. Next, play it directly to the womb with BellyBuds® baby bump speakers. This is especially helpful if you’ll be away from home for longer stretches of time; baby can get to know your voice even when you cannot physically be there. Click here for more creative ideas on how to use VoiceShare® to bond with baby in the womb!

        6. Get healthy, too.

        It’s no secret that moms have to stick to a strict diet while pregnant. Support mom by cutting out bad-for-baby foods that would be tempting for her, like cutting down on caffeine or giving up alcohol in solidarity. Try bonding while doing healthy activities together; a daily walk in the park or participating in a pregnancy workout routine can strengthen your relationship and help mom feel loved.

        How are you staying involved in your partner's pregnancy? Tag @wavhello in a post on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to let us know!


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