5 Sleeping Tips For Your New Baby

5 Sleeping Tips For Your New Baby

Sleeping with a little one can be hard, but getting them to sleep can be harder. We have complied our favorite tips for getting your new little to sleep like a little angel!

Set a schedule

Melation aka the sleep hormone isn’t fully produced in your new baby until around 12 weeks old. What does this mean? This means that your new little one does not have a sleeping schedule until that 12 week mark. During the day make sure your newborn is getting plenty of daylight and if you notice that nap time is going a little long (we know we know.. you don’t wanna wake them) but wake them up for a feed if nap time is longer than 3 or so hours.

Daytime schedules are just as important as nighttime schedules, maintain a sleeping schedule during the day as well!

Darkness is your friend

Keep it dark and the lighting dim to help your baby understand that the night time is for sleeping. When you are up feeding during the night keep the lighting dim.

The sweet dream feed

Before you go to sleep yourself wake your baby for a feeding, you will be filling up your babies tummy before laying down yourself which may let everyone get a little bit more sleep (yay). You can try this for a few days to see if your baby sleeps a little longer during the night.

White noise, yes please

White noise is your best friend. It is difficult for babies to go from a noisy womb to complete silence at night. Fans, white noise machines (like SoundBub) can help to become a sleep cue when putting your baby down to sleep.

Put your baby down tired

Try not to wait until your baby is asleep to put them in their crib as it is harder for them to learn to self sooth themselves when they wake up. Sticking to a routine such as a story, lullaby and white noise can get them ready to catch sweet dreams.



This blog post is only topic related tips and suggestions. We recommend consulting your healthcare provider if you child is having trouble sleeping or for any other medial related advice

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