Connect with Baby-to-be During Prenatal Yoga

Connect with Baby-to-be During Prenatal Yoga

After healing from a miscarriage, mom uses BellyBuds® to connect with baby during pregnancy yoga sessions.

Elyse always knew that she wanted to be a mother. At the same time, she and her husband wanted some time to live their lives, explore and grow up before having kids. After having been together for 12 years and married for 8, the happy couple found out they were pregnant. They were, however, devastated to find out 8 weeks later that they had had a miscarriage.

“I heard of people having them before, but never truly understood until I experienced it first-hand myself. I cried. It was painful. At the same time I felt hope and I looked within for lessons and growth, thanks to my faith, my deeply connected friendships and my belief that everything happens FOR us, not TO us” says Elyse.

As Elyse and her husband healed physically, emotionally and spiritually... they were happily surprised to find out they were pregnant again a few months later!

“We were thrilled but at the same time a bit scared. Each doctor’s appointment we held our breath, praying for good news. Thankfully, this pregnancy has been healthy and our little baby has passed every test with flying colors.”

Yoga and meditation have been a part of Elyse’s life as an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Life Coach who teaches both practices. When she received BellyBuds® from a friend, she knew that they would be a great way to bring baby into the same guided meditation that she already does. BellyBuds are special headphones made for a pregnant bump; they gently adhere to your belly and safely play music and sound to the womb.

“BellyBuds made it easier for him to hear, listen and connect. Many mornings I use [them] to say 'hello' to my baby.”

Elyse loves the Journey Into Pregnancy Guided Meditations CD series from the WavHello music library. “They are beautiful, gentle and really get to the heart of appreciating the miracle happening inside my belly! Our little guy definitely has his favorite tracks, as he'll move and wiggle a bit more when these particular tracks come on.”

When asked what she thought our WavHello™ community should know about her pregnancy journey, Elyse responded with this word of encouragement for other moms:

“Remember that whatever you do, feel or experience during pregnancy, your little one is with you. When you truly connect, speak, and play with your baby, you are bringing positive reinforcement, joy and unconditional love to the relationship. Every journey is different, but remember, you will be the best mom you know how to be. Ladies... we were made for this! Own it and surrender to the miracle that it is.”

To find out more about Elyse and her spiritual coaching and meditation services, please visit or follow her on Instagram or Facebook!

We are on a mission to help families find new ways to connect. Our free VoiceShare® by WavHello mobile app allows anyone you love to record messages, sing songs or even read books for baby or baby-to-be. Compatible with both BellyBuds baby bump speakers or SoundBub Bluetooth music player and infant soother (Coming August 2016!), you can play this special content for baby before or after they are born.

Do you have a story about how BellyBuds® and/or VoiceShare® impacted your pregnancy? Share it with us by going to! Your story could also be featured to inspire our WavHello community.

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