How To Connect with Family Through Your Favorite New App

How To Connect with Family Through Your Favorite New App

7 Ways To Connect Family Through VoiceShare 2.0

At WavHello, we believe in connecting families, both near and far. That's why we have taken our VoiceShare app a step further, to help your family connect in more fun and engaging ways! Using the newest version of our VoiceShare app, you can share stories, books, music and voice recordings with your child from anywhere in the world. A loved-one can record special messages, a reading of a favorite book or even a lullaby that can be played for your child through BellyBuds, our baby bump speakers, or through our SoundBub Bluetooth speaker. Below are just some of the many ways you and your loved-ones can connect through your new favorite app.

1. Dance Party

Sync our VoiceShare app with your own music library to play your favorite tunes through your SoundBub Bluetooth speaker. Your kids are sure to have a blast dancing away to their favorite upbeat hit.

Video Credit | @PattiSchmidt

2. Read a page

Have loved-ones near and far read and record your little one's favorite in-app stories, then play the recording and follow along with the story in-app. You can even switch between which recordings you use on each page, so everyone can be a part of bedtime stories!

3. Showcase your talent

Battle it out... karaoke style (a la the inventive dads below). Invite friends and family to duke it out over who can sing the best lullaby rendition. But no hard feelings - your little one gets to be the judge of who is best. 

4. Tell a story together

Tell a story about your favorite childhood vacation - or of that hilarious time when [...]. Invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends to tell the story each from their own point of view. 

5. Their turn to tell a story

Encourage creativity by prompting your child to come up with a story using the StoryMaker game. They will have so much fun combining pizza, turtles, France, and race cars into their very own adventurous tale.

 6. Family history

Invite family members to tell stories of their own childhood. Prompt with questions like, "What did you do for fun when you were a kid?" or "How did Grandma and Grandpa meet?". 

7. Voice cards for birthday

Invite family and friends to wish your little one happy birthday with a voice recording, where they can share memories from the past year. Combine all the recordings into a playlist so your child can listen to all of their favorite people in one place.

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