Festive Holiday Mocktails for Pregnant Moms

Festive Holiday Mocktails for Pregnant Moms

How to make non-alcoholic versions of favorite holiday cocktails.

It's that time of year again: the lights are strung, Christmas music is blasting, and travel plans are being solidified. If you're expecting, you may be staring sadly into the distance saying, Goodbye Sangria. Adios Margarita. Ta Ta delicious Mojito. It's no secret that being pregnant during the holidays can put a real damper on the celebration. Of course you are ecstatic for your bundle of joy to arrive, but you can't exactly imagine the festivities without your favorite drink in hand either.



That's why we put together this list of delicious holiday mocktails for pregnant moms that will be a close substitute. Keep scrolling for our top 5 scrumptious non-alcoholic versions of holiday classics; click through to our Pinterest board at the bottom for even more ideas!

Sparkling Berry & Pomegranate Mocktail 

The fresh cranberries and sprig of thyme in this mocktail have us feeling festive and merry. 

View full recipe on Casa de Crews 

Blackberry Mojito 

Mojitos are on our can't live with out list! With a listed prep time of five minutes we definitely think this drink deserves a spot on your holiday menu. 

View the full recipe on Watch What U Eat

Non-alcoholic Bubbly 

This mock-champagne drink only has three ingredients, so it's easy to make! It's perfect for celebrating on Christmas Eve or ringing in the new year. 

View the full recipe in Six Sister Stuff 


Oh wine, how we've missed you so! Though it's not the real thing, this mocktail will make you feel just a little bit better about being sober for 9 months. 

View the full recipe on The Anti-June Cleaver 

Moscow Mule 

These little copper mugs will go great with your holiday decor, not to mention they are delicious! 

View the full recipe on The Merry Thought 

Click below to discover new holiday mocktails on our Pinterest board! 


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