Holiday Mom Hacks | Make Family Feel Closer for the Holidays

Holiday Mom Hacks | Make Family Feel Closer for the Holidays

WavHello’s VoiceShare app can connect your family over the holidays, even if they can’t make the trip.

The holidays are really about one thing. Strip away the dinner, decorations and presents you get the most important aspect: friends and family. As a mom, there may be added pressure to gather everyone together as this is the one time of year that your littles can interact with the entire family. But what if you can’t be near the ones you love this holiday season? That question is the motivation behind WavHello’s line of products; to connect loved ones near and far through innovative technology.

Our free mobile app VoiceShare is the perfect solution for involving friends and family in your holiday traditions even if they cannot physically be there. Anyone, anywhere can record messages (whether it be a Christmas carol or beloved holiday story) to play through our BellyBuds baby bump speakers or SoundBub Bluetooth speaker/ white noise soother. The result will be a virtual family reunion right in your home. Your little ones can meet those closest to you even if separated by a thousand miles.  

Mom and blogger Sarah from This Mama Life did just that while pregnant for the second time. She met her now husband in the Middle East when he was stationed with the Royal Navy and she was visiting a friend. What was supposed to be a holiday romance stretched to seven years, and the two are now happily expecting their second child.

Sara family

“It took us a while to conceive our daughter so we thought it would take a while this time but nope, it happened pretty much first time. We couldn’t believe it!”

During this pregnancy, Sarah and her husband are forced to spend time apart while he is deployed. She decided to purchase BellyBuds to play voice messages from Dad to baby-to-be in the womb. Babies in the womb develop the ability to hear at 20 weeks of pregnancy, and have been shown to remember sounds heard in the womb after they are born.

“I saw BellyBuds featured on social media and thought it would be a great idea whilst my husband is deployed for six months abroad. I was so worried about the baby not knowing his voice and not realizing who he was, so it sounded like a great way of keeping him involved in the day-to-day part of pregnancy” explains Sarah.

Sara bellybuds

We are so honored that Sarah was able to use BellyBuds to connect her husband to baby-to-be while he was deployed.

At WavHello, we are on a mission to connect families. That’s why we released our free VoiceShare app that allows anyone, anywhere record messages to share with baby and with each other. VoiceShare can be especially handy for the holidays; have family who can’t make the trip record a message and play throughout the Holiday season to keep them close.  

To learn more about VoiceShare, BellyBuds and SoundBub visit

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