Holiday Pinterest Fails

Holiday Pinterest Fails

The best intentions. The worst possible outcomes.

Welcome to Pinterest Fails: Holiday Edition! To make you feel better about your own failed holiday crafts, recipes, and decor, we thought we'd pull together a list of the biggest holiday fails we could find. Enjoy!

1. These unwearable and unbearable sweaters

Image credit: Instagram user Bikahloren via

2. This not-so-scary green man hiding in a tree

Image credit: voa Pinterest user Ariana Price

3. This colorful water-balloon mishap

Image credit: via

4. Are these poinsettias or demogorgan heads?

Image credit: via

5. This fail that involves wrapping a child in electric lights... he's not very happy about it


Image credit: via

6. This snowman-tree who stole Harry Potter's glasses

7. These slightly disturbing bear blobs

Image credit: via Pinterest

8. They were going for the aftermath of the Gingerbread ninja fight

Image credit: via

9. They may need a add a few more books to their collection...

Image Credit: via Pinterest user Trisha Longfors

10. These peppermint brains

Image credit: via

11. These vampire snowman heads

Image credit: via

12. This tree that was hit by an icing storm

13. This person who was determined enough to finish a whole hand...

Image credit: Instagram user keeenstagram via

14. This whimsical house turned abandoned shed

Image credit: Instagram user libbylouise via

15. And again, with the peppermint brains 

Image credit: Instagram user zefefish via


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