How to Order Your Hospital Bag Checklist Entirely on Amazon

How to Order Your Hospital Bag Checklist Entirely on Amazon

A complete list of hospital bag essentials that you can order from Amazon

The end is near. While the first and second trimesters may have flown by, now every week stretches to an eternity in the third trimester as your due date approaches. If you’re 34 weeks pregnant or later – the time has come to pack your hospital bag! Packing your hospital bag beforehand will help you to remember all your essentials for labor and delivery, because let’s face it – when your water breaks and you're screaming through your first contractions wondering why you let your partner do this to you in the first place - is not the time to throw things into a gym bag and hope for the best.

To make things even easier, we’ve developed a list that you can order entirely on Amazon. That’s right mama – sit back, relax and utilize that “one- click” order button you love oh so much. While we fully encourage you to do your research on what products will work best for you (every mom and baby are different) we hope you enjoy our example hospital bag checklist with essentials you can have delivered straight to your doorstep.

Amazon hospital bag checklist

  1. Maternity Robe - Hospital gowns are notorious for their lack of coverage, a robe will enable you to walk around during labor. This one comes in a variety of adorable prints! 
  2. Full coverage underwear - Great for stopping unwanted leaks post delivery. Meant to be used in addition to maternity pads, these undies have added absorbancy of their own. 
  3. Nursing bra/ tank top - Give baby easy access for nursing while staying perfectly comfy. 
  4. Nipple pads - Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, but leaks are not! We chose these reusable pads for their superior comfort and the fact that they will save you $$$ in the long run. 
  5. Warm and comfy socks - Protect your feet from cold hospital floors - don't forget the no slip grip! We hope these socks will boost your mood as well! 
  6. Loose pajamas - It's all about keeping it comfortable at this point - loose pajamas will do the trick before or after giving birth. 
  7. Weekender bag - You'll need something to put all this in. Try investing in a stylish bag you'll use on your travels for years to come. 
  8. Going home outfit - Pick something that feels right for you and your style. We recommend a pair of maternity leggings that are easy to slip on without being constricting. 

  1. Deodorant - Aluminum free - yes please! 
  2. Chapstick - We don't know about you, but we can never have enough chapstick. Get this pack to stick in all your bags so you'll never be without! 
  3. Tooth brush / paste - Because... there will be other people at the hospital who will be smelling your breath. Just sayin. 
  4. Make-up remover wipes - These are a great natural pick that's great for sensitive skin. 
  5. Nipple cream - Those first breastfeeding moments are amazing - but can also make for sore nipples. This organic balm comes highly rated! 
  6. Absorbent maternity pads - Notice that we did not say menstrual pads. You will want to get pads that are designed for after labor as they offer better coverage. 
  7. Razors - If you are uncomfortable with excess body hair, you may want to bring along some razors as most hospital rooms have a shower you can utilize. 
  8. Travel shampoo / conditioner - Instead of buying specific travel-sized items, try these reusable containers to bring your favorite shower products with you. 
  9. Shaving Cream - Shaving your legs is not required, but you may want to pack just in case. This natural shaving cream contains no sulfates, no parabens, and is fragrance free for a non-irritating shave. 
  10. Lotion - Dry skin is one of the worst feelings. Get this multi-pack of travel sized lotion for all  situations. 
  11. Flip flops -  If you plan on taking a shower, you may want to protect your feet from all the germs on the shower floor. The ones pictured above make showering that much more delicious. 
  12. Hair ties - Tame those locks, it's go time! 

Amazon Hospital Bag Checklist

  1. Water bottle - For labor and delivery, hydration is key. We've chosen a eco-friendly reusable bottle that keeps liquids hot up to 6 Hours, and cold up to 24 Hours!
  2. Bluetooth speaker - Nothing help relieve stress better than the perfect playlist. Use a Bluetooth speaker in the delivery room to make sure you don't miss your favorite tunes! Bonus - this adorable speaker is baby friendly - play white noise and lullabies after you bring baby home from the hospital. 
  3. Cellphone charger - This is something to make sure that your partner has with them so they can communicate with close friends and family. We included a charger that can charge two devices at once - saving time and space during your stay at the hospital. 
  4. BellyBuds speakers - Share your playlist with baby-to-be through these special speakers; use the included headphone splitters for a more private listening session. Pro-tip: playing music through BellyBuds throughout pregnancy has many benefits including helping to turn a breech baby
  5. Healthy snacks - You'll need some fuel on this journey, make sure to pack extra just in case. Don't forget a reward treat for after your little one arrives. 
  6. Glasses / contacts - You caught us - this is one thing that you can't order from Amazon! We thought you would appreciate the reminder to pack this oh-so-important accessory! 

Hospital bag checklist - items for baby

  1. Newborn hat - We are in love with these newborn hats with bows if you are having a girl, but these gender neutral ones are just as sweet! 
  2. Newborn sleeper gown - Here easy access is important! We love the above gowns in gender neutral stylings! 
  3. Diaper bag - You'll need an easy carrying case for all of baby's stuff. Buy a diaper bag that you will use for a long time - the backpack featured above is an Amazon favorite! 
  4. Swaddle blankets (x2) - Hope you've been practicing your swaddle skills! 
  5. Onesies (x2) - Nothing beats theses classic onesies. 
  6. Wipes - All part of the glamorous parent life - let the poop clean-up begin. 
  7. Diapers - For all the messes to come, big and small. 
  8. Scratch mittens - Fun fact: your newborn will arrive with sharp nails that may be hard to cut. Include scratch mittens to help protect their face.
  9. Going home outfit - We prefer infant outfits of the Harry Potter variety; select an outfit that reflects your personal style. 
  10. Booties - Keep those little toes comfortable and warm! These booties are highly rated and super soft for baby. 
  11. Infant car seat - If you forget anything on the list - don't let it be this! Install your carseat weeks beforehand so you are not stranded without it. This infant carseat is surprisingly lightweight to give your arms some relief as baby grows! 
  12. Carseat cover - It's a good idea to shield your sensitive little one from the elements. This cover is multi-functional, also serving as a nursing cover, cart cover and more.

Thinking there is no way that you can remember this all? No problem! We've created this special hospital bag checklist to make sure you don't leave without everything you need. 

Did we leave anything off our list? Let us know your hospital bag essentials by tagging us in a post on social media. If you loved this hospital bag checklist, follow @WavHello on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and Pinterest  for more parenting tips and tricks.

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