Kid’s Birthday Party Made Simple

Kid’s Birthday Party Made Simple

5 Ways SoundBub Bluetooth speaker/ soother can help you throw the perfect kid’s birthday party.

It’s time. You’ve been pushing it off, but now you have to face reality. Your little one is turning another year older, and you have a birthday party to plan. Where did time go? Whether you are planning an elaborate birthday bash or an intimate family party, keep reading for five tips on how the SoundBub™ Bluetooth speaker and soother from WavHello™ can help you pull it all off.

Bump your favorite tunes, SoundBub style

Don’t let its cuddly exterior fool you, this mighty speaker holds its own to others on the market. Did you know that SoundBub can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device and play your favorite tunes? Simply move the switch on top of SoundBub’s head over to the Bluetooth icon, and select any music you like. Have a favorite Birthday Bash playlist on Spotify? Play it. The best party station on Pandora? Turn it up! If you are looking to get a little more creative, use WavHello’s VoiceShare® mobile app to create custom playlists! You can even use the Mix/Edit function to sing over music from the WavHello music library to make it your own!

Bring the party outside

Throwing your fiesta outside can be a cost effective way to celebrate your little’s birthday; just think of all the plates you won’t have to wash! SoundBub can go wherever you go. Hook this travel-sized speaker onto any car seat or stroller. The handle also doubles as a stand on any flat surface for easy listening at your picnic, beach party or park festivities. If you need some inspiration, here are 65 outdoor games for families 

Record best wishes from extended family

When you have extended family or friends that live far away, they may not be able to make the trip to your child’s birthday. Get the next best thing: have your loved ones record special voice messages, songs or even a poem on our VoiceShare app. SoundBub easily connects with VoiceShare so you can play that special content for your child on their special day. Pro Tip: Collect these messages on every special occasion in a virtual time capsule to play on their next milestone birthday or even their high school graduation!

Incorporate SoundBub into your theme

If you’ve done your research, you know that there is no shortage of animal themed birthday party ideas for kids. Whether you decide zoo, safari or forest themed birthday decorations, this speaker will fit right in. The good news is that not only is SoundBub a functional speaker, it’s adorable too! We think that all three SoundBub characters would be an amazing fit for this woodland themed first birthday from Fantabulosity.

Use SoundBub beyond the celebration

SoundBub is the gift that keeps on giving. Your little one will fall in love with SoundBub’s cuddly and chew-safe outside, as well as it’s pint-sized design that makes it perfect for them to carry around. Don’t forget that SoundBub is not just a speaker, but it’s also a soother; preloaded with white-noise tracks for babies and beyond that will make bedtime more bearable. It doesn’t end there; you can find additional white noise tracks, free lullabies and other content in the VoiceShare app. SoundBub will become a staple in your family’s activities.

Don’t wait, get SoundBub for your littles today! Visit to purchase!

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