New Dad Survival Guide: Pregnancy Hormones Explained

New Dad Survival Guide: Pregnancy Hormones Explained

New Dad Survival Guide: Understanding Pregnancy Hormones

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and WavHello™ is celebrating the all-important role of fatherhood for the entire month of June. If you are a new dad-to-be, you’ve probably heard a lot about pregnancy hormones and may be afraid of how they will affect your partner during the next nine months. Don't fear, future father! Keep reading to get our guide to pregnancy hormones, complete with five tips on how to support mom through this big change.

Pregnancy Hormones Explained:

Every mom-to-be will experience the effects of changing hormone levels during pregnancy (she is growing a human being after all!), but the reaction to those hormones will differ from person to person. The main culprits behind the most common symptoms of pregnancy: the hormones hCG, estrogen and progesterone. While hCG is responsible for the dreaded “morning sickness” feeling, estrogen and progesterone cause pregnancy symptoms such as: heightened sense of smell, fatigue, increased heartburn and bloated feeling throughout pregnancy.

Generally, pregnancy related hormone swings occur during the first and third trimester. Here's what you can expect:

  • Increased mood swings duriung the early stages of the first trimester (6-10 weeks)
  • The second trimester is fairly calm - breathe a little easier
  • The third trimester leading up to delivery - be prepared to help her more frequently

There are a few simple ways to help manage hormone related triggers, but they will require you take on a little more into your daily schedule. Here are five tips to help you get through the pregnancy:

1. Encourage her to relax.

Talk to her about which tasks you should take over as she feels comfortable. Don't feel the need to do every little thing and leave her with nothing to do, but work together to determine which things you can help with (ex: heavy loads of laundry, gardening on warmer days, etc.). Hint: You'll get bonus points for bringing home flowers and dark chocolate.

2. Keep lines of communication open.

As your family prepares for a new addition, situations can feel overwhelming and stressful. Like with other relationships, communication is key. Be sure to keep it a two-way street so both mom and dad are heard, and keep a level head when things get edgy. Both of you will need to lean on each other for support.

3. Give mom her space.

It's natural for men to feel overprotective during pregnancy, but it can sometimes be overbearing. Give the mom-to-be time and space to relax so she can enjoy the pregnancy and know that she fully appreciates your calm, protective presence.

4. Create a soothing playlist for mom and baby.

Playing music during pregnancy has been shown to reduce stress for moms, leading to a healthier pregnancy overall. Using the VoiceShare® by WavHello mobile app, gather your favorite soothing tunes and have mom play them for baby in the womb using BellyBuds® speakers. They come loaded with a splitter so mom and baby can bond as they listen together. 

5. Remember that you and mom are on the same team.

Support each other and enjoy the pregnancy as a family. Find time to be with each other to try a new workout, decorate the nursery, snuggle on the couch to watch a movie, or anything that brings you, mom-to-be, and little one together. When your little one arrives, you will be in for the most rewarding, fun, and challenging ride of your life.

At WavHello, we are big fans of connecting our little people to the big world around them. BellyBuds by WavHello make the perfect gift for Dad-to-be to help him bond with baby during pregnancy! 

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