Our Top 5 Traveling Tips for Families

Our Top 5 Traveling Tips for Families

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Traveling alone is a lot different from traveling with a family. What used to take an hour to pack and get to the airport sure takes a lot longer now!

Airport tips:

  • Pack only what you need
  • Make sure your carry on will breeze trough security
  • Pack coloring books and simple activities to keep the kids entertained for layovers as well as during the flight

Make sure that when you are traveling with your family you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare in case something unplanned arrises. Take it SLOW, we know it’s hard to contain all of the travel excitement, but being able to have ample time to spare will cut the rush to the airport and ease anxiety and your pre-travel jitters!

Flying is just one example of taking it slow, making sure to leave extra time applies to all parts of your trip.

Pro Tip:

Keep an open schedule and plenty of room to change plans. A flexible schedule will be less stress for you and your family. The less stress the better!


Don’t Overpack

We know this is a hard task to accomplish. Try to remember that more is less when traveling with the family. Packing for the family can be hard, we tend to think that we need everything we use at home, and too many clothes. Packing lightly and only what is necessary will make traveling with the family much easier.

The less you bring means the easier it is to pack and the less amount of luggage you have to transport and carry that is a win- win!

Packing must:

  • Travel essentials; passport, ID/driver’s license, boarding passes, hotel reservations, etc.
  • One outfit per day per family member
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Medicine pouch/ first aid kit
  • Actives for down time; books, coloring activities, small traveling games


Set Up Your Must-Sees In Advance

Planning in advance will make the trip run more smoothly. Talk to your family about things they all want to do on your trip and then book those actives ahead. This gives everyone something to look forward to as well as pre-arranged stress free plans.

Setting up plans in advance doesn’t just involve flights, car travel plans, and where you are lodging. Anything that you can book ahead of time will help you get the most of your trip, without having to worry about what you will be doing next.

Pro Tip:

Items that you can book ahead of time include transportation, tours, monument sightseeing, local attractions, museums etc. You can pre-arrange and book as many as you will need ahead of time. We love getting the whole family on board when planning these activities and must-sees!


When Traveling Ask For Discounts

When you are traveling with children you will often find discounts and promotions on everything from transportation to restaurants.

When you are booking you may find child pricing on the website be sure to take advantage of these discounts as they will save you a lot of money in the long run. If discounts are not on the booking site ask or send an email ahead of time with a simple injury if they offer any kind of discounts for children. You will never know if you don’t ask, so don’t be afraid to ask best bet is that you will end up saving.


Pay Up For Good Gear

Good gear makes traveling with a family much easier. Travel cribs, luggage and strollers can add up quickly. It is worth spending up for durable lightweight gear, the bulkier the items the more of a hassle travel will be. An extra five pounds when traveling can feel like twenty. Keeping gear simple is the best route especially when you are traveling on a long flight or road trip!


Happy Traveling from the WavHello team!

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