Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care

If you have just had a baby first off congratulations, having a new baby is such an exciting time but, going from pregnancy to postpartum is a big change and taking care of yourself is just as important as your new baby. The postpartum period is usually defined as the six weeks following childbirth which is a fundamental time for your family, yourself and your newborn baby. Following childbirth, you will begin to experience many changes.


After having a baby your world changes especially if you are a new mother. Adjusting to motherhood can have its ups and downs. Taking care of your newborn baby is important but caring for yourself during the postpartum period is important too!

Allowing time to get into your new “normal” routine will take place after delivery but especially when you bring your newborn home. Once you are home and settled you can start establishing a routine that works for your new family. Having a newborn means they have to be fed and changed often which means you could be getting little sleep which can be frustrating for the time being but keep in mind that soon enough they will be sleeping through the night. In the meantime be sure to do these things as much as possible:

Sleep and Rest

Get as much sleep as possible to make up for your lack of sleep during the nights and feedings. We have all heard this and there is a reason for that, sleep when your baby sleeps. This helps you catch up for sleep you are missing. 

Fuel Your Body With Healthy Foods

Making sure you are eating a healthy diet can help your body heal. Childbirth is extremely hard, so giving your body the nutrients it needs is important. Increase your vegetable, fruit and protein consumption. Make sure to keep hydrated especially if you are breast-feeding by increasing your water and fluid intake.

Ask for Help

Don’t be scared to ask for help make sure you do! Ask family and friends to help you with errands, chores, cooking or helping care for your other kids. During the postpartum period, your body needs to heal and you need to rest to ensure you are thriving physically and emotionally. The postpartum blues as well as postpartum depression are common and can happen to anyone if you are feeling sad, or like you need to reach out to someone do so as well as calling your doctor to help you navigate new motherhood and getting the help you need.



After birth, your doctor will let you know when you are cleared for working out. Exercise after birth should be easy such as taking walks around your home. Fresh air and getting out of the house can help clear your mind and increase energy.


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