The Family Travel Tip No One Tells You

The Family Travel Tip No One Tells You

Why White Noise Machines Are A Family Travel Must

This summer, our three little SoundBub friends traveled all around the world with some of the top family travel bloggers. And while SoundBub was lucky enough to tag along, these top travel moms lucked out as well; with entertained and soothed children all throughout their travels. See where our favorite travel bloggers spent their summer days, and how they used SoundBub's white noise and Bluetooth features to enhance their on-the-go family time! 



Seattle -> Vancouver 


"I can't believe how cool it was in Vancouver just one month ago! Meanwhile, we are sweltering over here in 90+degree weather in DC! This cute little #soundbub owl kept Cooper entertained on our road trip from Seattle to Vancouver. Check out our little adventure in the @WavHello IG stories!"

Hong Kong

"My Friday night ❤️ Sleep is at the top of every parent's priorities which is why we are so grateful for the @wavhello SoundBub. Benji the Bear is a Bluetooth speaker which can play Ever and River's favourite songs, soothing white noise, or even a recording of my voice for when I'm away. The soft, chew safe material means it's always beside them, and one of our travel companions. Head to @wavhello to see my Instagram Stories takeover and videos of how Ever and River love to use the SoundBub"

Park City

Our little @wavhello SoundBub has become one of our favorite travel companions. Not just because it happens to be named "Benji Bear" (Can you believe it? I about died), but because it plays variations of white noise (which Benj is used to sleeping with) and the bluetooth allows us to stream his favorite songs from our phones! Come see it in action in my video on @wavhello's Instastory today"


"We've always used a white noise machine when our kids were babies. I thought we'd be done with it by now, but when we travel our two little ones often end up sharing a room (something they aren't accustomed to doing at home), so we continue to use white noise to help everyone sleep better. We were excited to give a SoundBub by @WavHello a try on our most recent trip. I can tell you that Ollie the Owl will now be a permanent companion on all our trips! In addition to being a white noise machine, Ollie is also a portable bluetooth speaker. Our kids, currently obsessed with Moana, love being able to listen to it anywhere! And how cute are the other characters?"


"Kiss attacks from your big sis make for the happiest moments with these two ✨Charlie girl got pink hair this week 😜 (it's already pretty much washed out) she's also finishing off her third week at a Charter school after nearly three years of homeschool and is thriving 🙌🏻⭐️ she's decided to run for Vice President and takes her stand on the podium this Thursday to give her speech 😱 so proud of her! So much to celebrate with this beautiful baby of mine ✨"


We might be saying goodbye to summer, but (thanks to white noise and some great tunes) we'll be taking these great memories from around the world with us!

To end your summer on a high note, use code SUMMER25 to receive 25% OFF your next SoundBub purchase now through 9/17/17! 

Cover image by @babycantravel
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