Ten Activities to Incorporate in Your Baby’s Sleep Routine

Ten Activities to Incorporate in Your Baby’s Sleep Routine

Ten sleep strategies to help establish a baby bedtime routine

If you’re a new parent, there is one thing that you can never get quite enough of: SLEEP! In the early days after bringing baby home, sleep falls by the wayside as you’re feeding every couple of hours. That’s the way it should be – most experts agree that establishing a baby sleep schedule can wait until your little one is between two and four months old. As the weeks wear on, waking up in the middle of the night will grow old (for you and your partner!), and you’ll be looking for ways to help your child sleep through the night. Keep reading for 10 baby sleep tricks to establish a sleep routine.

WavHello is on a mission to help moms, dads and loved ones connect with their littles from pregnancy and beyond, not to mention to survive the transition into parenthood. That’s why we’ve included tips on how our new and adorable SoundBub Bluetooth speaker/ soother can help bedtime be more bearable for everyone.

Incorporate music

Playing soothing music before bedtime is a natural way to reduce stress and wind down. SoundBub can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device and play the music you love. It also has a 30, 60 and 90-minute timer so that you can leave the music playing. This eases the transition from being awake to falling asleep.

Many testimonials from moms have shown that soothing baby can actually begin in the womb! Check out this mom’s story of how she played one song frequently to baby during her third trimester. The way her baby was instantly soothed by that same song after she was born is astounding! This is a great application for BellyBuds baby bump speakers, that gently stick to mom’s tummy and play music to baby wherever you are.

Play white noise

White noise has been proven to help adults and children fall and stay asleep, essentially blocking out all outside noise from the room. Though some may choose to simply turn on a fan, SoundBub can be the perfect solution for helping your children fall asleep anywhere, even if you are outside of the nursery. This speaker is perfectly portable with its hide-away hook that also acts as a stand. It also connects to our free VoiceShare app with even more white noise tracks and soothing content.

Take a bath

Soaking in warm water before bedtime can be the perfect way to get baby ready for sleep. But what works for some children does not work for others, so make sure this is a relaxing activity for them instead of an energizing splash session! Young babies don’t typically need more than 1-2 baths per week, so don’t feel bad if this is not part of your nightly routine.

Take care of business

Make sure that your little one is changed (or they’ve used the bathroom for toddlers) and are in their favorite PJs before they are placed in bed. A wet diaper will wake up your little one and disrupt their sleep and yours, so doing this beforehand is setting your bedtime routine up for success. You may also want to incorporate a tooth brushing routine into the mix so that they get used to it early on.

Let off some steam

Especially for older babies and toddlers, it’s a good idea to let them be active before you begin your bedtime routine to drain their energy. Try turning off the TV or computer screen and having a dance party! Use the SoundBub speaker to bump your favorite playlist and bust a move.

Read a bedtime story

Reading with your bundle of joy is one of the best ways to connect with them before bed. It is also a good ritual that will signal that it is time for sleep. You can even involve friends and family who live far away! Have them record a reading of a story on the VoiceShare by WavHello mobile app, and play this content for your child via SoundBub at bedtime.


Don’t worry, this is not an audition for The Voice. This is not only a bonding moment; it can also soothe them into dreamland. Need to brush up on your lullaby repertoire? Check out Baby Center’s list of easy to remember songs to sing to your baby. Get your little one involved by using the mix and edit function on the VoiceShare app to sing over classic lullabies from the WavHello library karaoke style! 

Keep the lights low

Many babies confuse day and night after they are born, which will throw off their sleep schedule. Make the difference between night and day clear. Keep the lights low during feedings and diaper changes at night, and keep stimulation to a minimum. During day-time feedings, offer stimulation like singing, massages or talking to your baby so they begin to pick up on the difference.

Use abbreviated sleepy-time routine during the day

Good news! This routine can be repurposed for daytime use. Turn on the white noise player to signal that it’s time for rest or read the bedtime story that they love. These same events will send cues to your little one that sleep is coming soon!

Be consistent

Setting up and keeping a routine is undoubtedly the most important step to cueing them that it is time for sleep. Take time to figure out what helps them wind-down; what works for one baby may not work for others. When you find something that works stick to it, consistency is key.

Want to incorporate SoundBub Bluetooth speaker/ soother into your child’s sleep routine? Shop all three adorable characters HERE.

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