The Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

The Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

The Only Thing Better Than Thanksgiving Dinner

What's better than Thanksgiving dinner itself? All the incredible leftovers and the endless possibilities of scrumptious recipes! These out of the box ideas will give you full reign to tailor your Thanksgiving favorites into new and exciting meals and snacks. Take a look at some of the most mouth-watering recipes we found on Pinterest; and for even more leftover ideas head to our Pinterest board.

Turkey & BBQ Cranberry Sauce Pizza

A-la your favorite BBQ chicken pizza, this masterpiece combines the two best food groups: pizza and Thanksgiving. 

 Stuffing Waffles 

Just when you thought we'd stop at Thanksgiving pizza, we threw stuffing waffles into the mix. And these, too, are a game changer.  

Sweet Potato Biscuits

We hope at this point you can tell we're not kidding around. These sweet potato biscuits will be the perfect way to serve up all the leftover turkey and cranberry sauce you didn't put on that pizza. 

Turkey & Cranberry Enchiladas

This recipe is the whole enchilada; turkey, stuffing, and cheese, all wrapped into saucy tortilla goodness. 

Stuffed Sandwich Rolls 

Our last teaser is a classic - a smorgasbord of Thanksgiving's best served in a toasted hallowed out sandwich roll. 

Check out our full Pinterest board for dozens of delicious post Thanksgiving recipes here

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