The Best Baby Halloween Costumes You Need To Try This Year

The Best Baby Halloween Costumes You Need To Try This Year

The Best Halloween Costumes For Your Little One

Halloween is upon us, and if you have a kiddo of a certain age, that means you still get to choose a costume of your liking. So go ahead, knock yourself out with puns and pop culture references galore; because no one will ever look so cute as your little one in a Halloween costume! If you're stuck on how to dress them up, we've compiled a list of fun ideas that will have your kid rockin' the block this Halloween. 


What you'll need: A bright colored sweater, a patterned dress, large framed glasses, a white or grey beanie, white or grey pom poms from the craft store, a string of Mardi-Gras beads.

Presidential Debate

What you'll need: A cardboard box, a printed presidential seal, a baby carrier, and a baby blazer. 


What you'll need: A bear onesie costume, a brown t-shirt, and a homemade spear. 


What you'll need: This adorable infant dragon costume. BONUS: You get to be the Mother of Dragons. 

Scuba Diver

What you'll need: Black pants, a black long-sleeve shirt, a 1-liter soda bottle, silver spray paint, snorkeling goggles, a foam tube, and a binky. 

John Snow

What you'll need: Black pants, a black shirt or sweatshirt, a printed House Stark sigil, a small brown faux fur blanket. 


What you'll need: A bed sheet and this cozy crochet E.T. baby hat


What you'll need: A green onesie, or an all green outfit, a green beanie, and white yarn. 

Clark Kent

What you'll need: A white button-down shirt, a pair of black pants, a tie, a Superman shirt, a pair of costume black-framed glasses. 

Ruth "Baby" Ginsberg 

What you'll need: A black dress or robe, a DIY lace collar, a pair of large-framed glasses. 

Blackjack Dealer

What you'll need: A black shirt, a pair of suspenders, a bow tie, a visor hat, a deck of playing cards, poker chips, and a DIY blackjack table with all the pieces glued in place. 

Jurassic Park

What you'll need: This awesome baby T-Rex costume from Amazon, a wagon, a printout of the Jurassic Park logo, and a PVC coated wire garden fence

Finding Nemo in Fish Tank

What you'll need: A Nemo costume, a wagon, 4 PVC pipes for the 4 posts of the "fish tank", saran wrap, cutouts of other Finding Nemo characters.  

Beanie Baby

What you'll need: Your little one's favorite animal onesie costume, a DIY "TY" tag. 

Mandrake from Harry Potter

What you'll need: A brown beanie, fake leaves from the craft store, a plastic planter, a printed Mandrake label. (P.S. If you want this costume to last for more than a photo shoot, you might want to ad some layers and a wagon to pull your little Mandrake along)

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