Why SoundBub is the Perfect Solution for Taking Baby On-the-go

Why SoundBub is the Perfect Solution for Taking Baby On-the-go

Curtis and Jama share the inspiration story behind our SoundBub speaker at Amazon. 

This week, co-founder of WavHello Curtis Williams and wife Jama travelled to Amazon to share the inspiration story behind our SoundBub Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine. It all started after the birth of the couple's second daughter, Roma, when Jama realized that the only way to soothe her daughter and keep her entertained on-the-go was to give up her phone; not ideal if you want to keep your device in tact. So Curtis set out to solve the problem - create a portable speaker that played white noise for nap time and music from your phone via Bluetooth for playtime. Of course, it all had to come in a child-friendly package made with chew safe materials so that it could survive for the long haul. Soon afterwards, our SoundBub speaker was created as WavHello's second (and most adorable!) product. 

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can snag our SoundBub speaker on Amazon for 40% Off during our special lightning deals! Here's the schedule so you don't miss out on the lowest price of the season: 

Black Friday: 11/24/17 from 8:00AM – 2:00PM PST
Cyber Monday: 11/27/17 from 7:00AM – 1:00 PM PST

If you don't know us, WavHello is a company set on making products that connect families through technology. During his wife’s pregnancy with their first child, Curtis was inspired to find a unique way to connect with their baby in utero and soon after, WavHello’s first product, BellyBuds, was born (along with his daughter, Adeline). Follow @wavhello on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to join our community of dedicated parents! 


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