The Best Tricks for Traveling with Children

The Best Tricks for Traveling with Children

This travel tip will make your life easier!

Well, it's official, our SoundBub friends are getting in more vacation time than any of us this summer. Bella, Ollie, and Benji were lucky enough to tag along on some family vacations recently, and help out with the struggles that come with traveling with young children.

It's no secret, traveling with young children is never easy; but these smart traveling mamas have a secret to lessening the load: SoundBub. Travel pros know never to leave home without the right tools to make their kiddos feel at home wherever they are - and what better way to do that than with white noise and music? SoundBub's Bluetooth speaker will keep your little one happily entertained all day long, and its built-in white noise capabilities will soothe them fast asleep so you can enjoy some much needed R&R. 

Take a look at all the fun our SoundBubs had helping their new friends make the most of their #SoundBubSummer! 

The Traveling Child

1-year-old Kennedy, daughter of blogger The Traveling Child, was obsessed with her new SoundBub on their recent trip to Copenhagen. Her savvy mama says, "not only is it a Bluetooth speaker and toy, it also plays white noise for when it's time for Kennedy to go to sleep. This actually helped a lot to put her to sleep on the plane and the first night when we were combating jet-lag." 

The World Wide Webers

Erica Weber, toddler mama who is pregnant with baby number two, and writer of the family travel blog The World Wide Webers says, "With baby number two on the way, the white noise function will definitely come in handy. I have a sneaking suspicion the next one will be taking plenty of naps on the go, and anything to help a newborn sleep amidst the chaos of a jungle gym or airport is a-ok with me."

Wanderlust Crew

Lots of bubble baths and pillow fights on our little girls cousin getaway last weekend. 🛀 Something about fluffy hotel beds is so inviting (must be, because all 4 girls ended up in MY bed 🙄). We brought our little Benji The Bear #SoundBub with us from @wavhello to have some music to dance to 💃🏻and white noise to sleep to 😴 Do your kids sleep well while traveling? I find that if we go anywhere with black curtains we are golden! ☀️ 🙅🏻 And having some white noise to drown out hotel sounds and street noise helps so much too. Check the link in my profile @wanderlust.crew #SoundBubSummer #ad #FamilyTravel #bubblebath #girlstrip #cousins . . . . . . #travelwithkids #familytime #travelmom #vacation #holiday #familygo #adventure #takethekids #jetsettingkids #bringthekids #worldtravel #travelmum #goeverywhere #globetrotters #worldschool #jetsetfam #traveltheworld #familyadventures #kidstravel #familytrip #familyvacation #pottyadventures #stayandwander

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Vanessa, mama to four adorable kiddos and writer of the Wanderlust Crew travel blog, knows that music is the key to any great adventure. That's why she takes SoundBub along with her wherever her and her little ones go! And when it results in smiles and joyful dance numbers like this one Benji the Bear shared with her son... its all worth it! 

Someday I'll Learn

Chelsea and Nate Day, creators of Someday I'll Learn are parents to four lovable little ones, who were all born within a span of 5 years! They definitely know how to handle travel with a handful of young children - from picnics, to camping, to long car rides - Benji the Bear is always right there along with them! 

Be sure to check out @wavhello on Instagram to keep up with all of our #SoundBubSummer adventures, and see where Bella, Ollie and Benji go next! 

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