Top 5 Prenatal Yoga Poses to Increase Strength

Top 5 Prenatal Yoga Poses to Increase Strength

5 Pregnancy Yoga Poses to Increase Strength, Release Stress and Connect to Self

This blog was written for WavHello by spiritual coach Elyse Falzone from Awaken Your Soul. We teamed up with her to provide the best (and safest!) yoga poses for pregnant moms to help them get into a healthy routine. For more of her tips on pregnancy yoga and meditation, sign up to receive our free 20 Weeks to Bliss email series! 

Without a doubt, yoga is a powerful practice to release stress, strengthen the body, connect to self and create balance and alignment in life. Add being pregnant, and the positive benefits of a prenatal yoga practice continue to add up. 

As your body changes with the pregnancy, there are sore muscles, balance issues and all kinds of bizarre thought patterns that become a normal part of life. Yoga during pregnancy relieves some of those aches, supports in peace of mind and allows your body to stretch, which creates more space in your belly for your growing baby. Prenatal yoga can also ease the labor and delivery experience.

These 5 yoga poses are great to use in the comfort of your own home, with some other pregnant girlfriends or when you attend a prenatal yoga class.

Child’s Pose

This is one of my favorite poses. It helps relax the lower back, slowly opens your hips and allows your arms to get a good stretch as well. It’s also a great “take a break” pose. Use this when pure exhaustion creeps in and all you want to do is take a nap! As your belly grows bigger towards the last trimester, you can tuck your toes under and create more space. Remember to relax, breathe and totally surrender in this pose.


Supported Yoga Squat

Labor and delivery is coming! Preparing your body to do what it does is so valuable. This supported yoga squat does just that. You can use yoga blocks or a stack of towels to allow extra support. 

Side Angle Pose

This pose supports in waking up your body. Whether you have been sitting at a desk or you have had a sluggish day, move your body into this pose. Fully extend your top arm to feel that stretch from your fingers to your toes.

Triangle Pose

With its wide stance and full body extension, you will find yourself with more balance and strength. When you feel tense or a little out of control, this is a great go -to pose. Extend your energy and breath to the ground and to the sky.

Tree Pose

Regain composure and feel grounded once again. Tree pose is so powerful to bring you back to Earth! Sometimes those hormones can get a little crazy, but tree pose brings focus, balance and grounded energy your way. Practicing this pose on a regular basis will support your transition of balance as your belly continues to grow.

Now that you have an array of poses that will support you during pregnancy, it’s time to get to it! Stretch, strengthen and relax. Enjoy your body as it shifts and changes. Let your body lead you to the pose that’s right for you in each moment. Continue to breathe through each pose and know you are offering love and support to you and your baby.

*Please consult with your doctor or OB before practicing yoga.
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