The Ultimate Deployment Checklist For Your Little One

The Ultimate Deployment Checklist For Your Little One

Prepare your child for a parent's deployment with these tips!

Preparing for a deployment is never easy. Luckily, there are a multitude of tools and checklists to help spouses and families deal with this experience. We've found something missing amongst these tools: a checklist to prepare your little one for a parent's deployment. It is so important to communicate leading up to your deployment date, and to help them understand what will happen while you are gone.

At WavHello, we believe in connecting families, both near and far. The importance of long-distance connection is especially prevalent within the military family community. Using our VoiceShare app, you can share stories, books, music and voice recordings with your child from anywhere in the world. Before leaving, a parent can record special messages, a reading of a favorite book or even a lullaby that can be played for their child through BellyBuds, our baby bump speakers, or through our SoundBub Bluetooth speaker. That way you can still read your little one their bedtime story; even from thousands of miles away. 

We put together this list to help you prepare your child for deployment, and we hope it will make the process a little easier on you both! 

Mark a Map

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Hang a map in your child's room or in a common-space in your home. Mark the spot on the map where the military parent will be deployed so that your child can visualize where they are!




SoundBubs are our adorable child-safe Bluetooth speakers and white noise machines that can be paired with any smartphone. Use our VoiceShare app to record messages for your child from the deployed parent.


Celebrate Holidays

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Go all out and celebrate the holidays and birthdays that your loved-one will miss celebrating with family while they are deployed. 




If your loved one is being deployed during your pregnancy, they can record messages using our VoiceShare app that can be played through BellyBuds to your child in utero.


Hide Notes for Your Child

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Hide handwritten notes throughout the house from the parent that is deploying. Make sure to hide the notes in areas that are easy enough for your child to come across. 


Make Scrapbooks

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Make two scrapbooks with your child - one for home and one for the parent that is deploying.


Record Books Using VoiceShare

Make voice recordings of the parent that is deploying reading your child's favorite books using our VoiceShare app. These reordings can be played through your SoundBub or BellyBuds during the parent's deployment.


Want to find more ideas on how to prepare your child for a parent's deployment? Head over to our Pinterest board just for military kiddos!


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