WavHello Holiday Memories

WavHello Holiday Memories


In December, our social media feeds are often flooded with images of picture-perfect holidays - meticulously styled dinner tables, families in matching pajamas, and décor that even Martha Stewart would be jealous of. This holiday season, WavHello is choosing to celebrate the imperfect moments that make this time of year great. These sweet, silly, awkward or hilarious memories often are anything but perfect; but they are what makes the holiday season special. We asked our staff team to submit their favorite holiday moments from years past - it's giving us all the nostalgic feels. 

At WavHello, families bonding together is at the center of all of our products. Whether sharing a message to baby in the womb via BellyBuds or a reading of a favorite story book from Grandma 1,00 miles away via SoundBub bluetooth speaker, families can connect wherever they are. 

Now, on to the memories! Can we give a special shout out to 90's kid fashion? 

Same robe – different Christmas! My sister is 6 years younger than me so I had to pretend Santa was real until I was in high school – I just didn’t have the heart to ruin the magic for her!

Jaimie F. 

Growing up, the holidays meant I got to dress up identically to my big sister - a phenomenon that I loved and she dreaded. Our Grandma would purchase us matching outfits for Christmas family photos every single year. Our frizzy hairstyles due to lack of availability of biracial hair care products in the mid-90s definitely completed the look!

- Katie M. 

Our family tradition is to take a family picture for our holiday cards. We started this when I was pregnant with my first daughter. My family has grown since then and we include everyone in our holiday picture, including our pets. We always make sure to wear matching outfits and color coordinate. After we take our picture, we go out to eat at the same place :) This year, we will be taking a picture with the newest addition to our family, our kitty Scratchy. I can’t wait for this year’s picture!!

-Cecilia L. 

This photo was taken by my father on April 16th 1992, exactly on 2:15 PM, and at that very moment I turned 1-year-old( I'm in the center). Every year my father brings up this photograph during the holidays as a reminder of my first year of being Shiveesh. I think of this picture as self-reflection (figuratively and literally) of how I have grown every year, and just like in the image I know how my parents are behind the scene pushing me to be the person I am. 

- Shiveesh F. 


My daughter, Myrina, directing people on how to smile for the Holiday picture! 

-Andrea K. 

It takes a lot of shots to get a winner for the Christmas card. Usually our younger daughter, Roma, was the one screwing it up. In this shot Roma FINALLY was adorable, but unfortunately it happened while our older one, Addy, was having a "creepy android" moment.

- Curtis W., Co-founder of WavHello


As I child, I remember attending my parents holiday parties in down town San Jose. Afterwards, my parents and I would walk to Christmas in the Park. It was such a magical time as I always felt I was in a Christmas wonderland, filled with bright lights, cheerful sounds and the warmth of the holiday spirit.

-Alyssa D.  


I was raised Jewish, but every few years my family hosted Christmas with our out-of-town Catholic family. Pretty much all I knew about Christmas was that I got to decorate a tree, the rest I was clueless about. I remember my then 9-year-old sister telling my little brother and I that we couldn't "ruin the whole Santa thing" for my Catholic cousins. I had no idea what she was talking about. 

- Laura G.

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