We’re Expecting! The Best Bluetooth Speaker and Soother

We’re Expecting! The Best Bluetooth Speaker and Soother

WavHello™ Launches New Bluetooth Speaker and Soother, SoundBub™

At WavHello, we are so proud of how far we've come. Our journey started back in 2009 when one of our co-founders, Curtis Williams, started looking for a way to bond with baby-to-be during his wife’s first pregnancy. Our first product, BellyBuds®, was born nine months later along with his daughter, Adeline. Since then, we’ve become a family-first technology company dedicated to helping our customers find new ways to connect with loved ones near and far.

Now, we are overjoyed to announce that the newest addition to our WavHello family is almost here! Say hello to SoundBub! SoundBub is a travel-sized Bluetooth speaker and soother that comes in three adorable animal characters. Ollie the owl, Bella the Bunny and Benjie the Bear love to help parents entertain/soothe their little ones by playing music playlists, soothing white noise and personal voice recordings from friends and family. SoundBub is designed to be the perfect companion for your child as well as a convenient aid for active parents.

Our cute and cuddly SoundBubs are compatible with VoiceShare, our free mobile app. VoiceShare is an open invitation for anyone you love to record and share music/ messages with your little one and with each other. VoiceShare even allows parents, friends and family to create customized playlists and mix voice recordings over music tracks, karaoke style! VoiceShare’s music library comes loaded with four lullabies and two white noise tracks to help parents soothe their child anywhere. It's not only a great app for parents but one of the best baby apps to grow with your child.

With SoundBub, parents can be present for all of life’s little moments. They can record a best-loved story to play for their child while they are away or set a timer to white noise to help their little one drift off to sleep. Parents can even entertain them while on-the-go by hooking SoundBub onto a stroller or car seat. Wherever you are, this speaker is the perfect adventure buddy. 

To learn more about our snuggly and portable Bluetooth speaker and soother, SoundBub, click HERE

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