7 Unexpected Ways to Use VoiceShare During Pregnancy

7 Unexpected Ways to Use VoiceShare During Pregnancy

VoiceShare App Connects You (And People You Love!) with Baby in the Womb

Congratulations mama! You’ve taken the test (pregnancy test that is) and saw that little plus sign staring back at you. While you may not know what to expect, one thing is certain – things will never be the same. While your mother buried herself in parenting books for pregnancy help, you scour the internet for the best pregnancy apps to make life a little easier. One app that you may not have considered is VoiceShare by WavHello; the perfect app to help you connect with baby in utero.

Did you know that your baby can hear at 20 weeks of pregnancy, and starts forming memories at 30 weeks? This window during the second and third trimesters is a special time to bond with your little one before they are born.

That’s where VoiceShare comes in. WavHello® created a free mobile app that allows anyone (from your mom in Nebraska to your sister in Paris) to record special messages that you can play straight to your baby bump. Of course, your favorite Spotify playlist can be shared as well. They even have the perfect delivery system – BellyBuds baby bump speakers that safely play all of this content to baby in utero.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are 7 unexpected ways you can use VoiceShare to connect baby with the big world around them before they are born.

Create the perfect push playlist

That’s right, push playlist – the perfect collection of songs to take you all the way from labor to delivery. Try starting with slow jams that help you feel relaxed then move to more up-tempo beats to get you hyped when it’s time to push. All of these songs can be uploaded and organized in VoiceShare for easy access. Can’t think of what to play? Take inspiration from this push playlist from Spotify via Huffington post.

Collect messages for the perfect baby shower surprise

Having guests write down hopes, dreams and special notes for your soon-to-be bundle of joy is a baby shower staple. Why not surprise the mama-to-be with a digital version that she can keep on her phone? Invite friends and family to record voice messages on VoiceShare to play for mom at the shower – and be sure to bring the tissues!

Introduce baby to the whole family

Living apart from family is hard, especially when you have a little one on the way. Use VoiceShare to shrink the distance between your baby and your loved ones. Use the Talk Card feature to prompt family members to record favorite memories to share with baby. The result will be like a virtual family reunion!

Make a music fan for life

It’s the dream of every musician or avid music lover to bare an equally musical child. This may not be totally out of your control; the experts at Journal Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience published an article arguing that the music babies are exposed to in the womb may set the trajectory for the development of their musical mind. So go all in, create a playlist in VoiceShare that means something to you and share it with baby via BellyBuds.

Soothing baby starts in the womb

When your baby arrives, there are no doubt sleepless nights to follow. We are particularly excited about this hack that has littles sleeping easier, and it all starts in the womb. Studies show that playing a particular song during your third trimester will help them recognize and be soothed by that same tune when after they are born. Don’t believe us? Check out this article in Babble that documents one mom’s journey of doing just that. VoiceShare has a selection of classic lullabies to choose from or upload your own.

Keep Dad involved during pregnancy

Okay Dads. It’s no secret that pregnancy is not the same for you and mom. If you are looking for a practical way to get in on this experience, then VoiceShare is your answer. Record and play special messages for baby while you are away, even use the BellyBuds headphone splitter to jam out with baby.

Foster your child’s love of books

You don’t have to wait until your little one’s arrival to read to them. Research shows that babies are listening, learning and remembering the words spoken to them in the womb. Moreover, reading to baby in the womb can help to reduce stress for you and baby – leading to an overall healthier pregnancy. VoiceShare has a great selection of classic and new favorite books to record and play for baby. Invite family and friends to record books in their silliest voices – these will be keepsakes for years to come.

 Learn more about using VoiceShare to connect with your family by clicking here

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